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Dennis Vilovic



10/1999 - 05/2005:

Dipl. Oec. (equivalent to Master degree) in Economic Science from Leuphana University / Germany


German: Fluent (native)

  • English: Fluent
  • Spanish: Fluent
  • Arabic: Basic Understanding

Geographical Experience


Kenya: 60 months




Austria: 120 months

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 10 months

Croatia: 13 months

Germany: 50 months

Serbia: 3 months

Spain: 30 months

Middle East

Jordan: 54 months

Syria: 12 months

Yemen: 6 months

Key Qualifications

Advisor to managers of reforming institutions

As part of multicultural teams, Dennis has more than 12 years of experience from advising senior management and staff of government organisations and private companies. This includes making operations and mechanisms of more business oriented, efficient and effective. He supported several water & sewage authorities in establishing robust standard operating procedures and made organisational structures more efficient. As institutional analyst he pinpoints organisational inefficiencies and remedies them in close consultation with managers. Introducing MIS for informed decision-making is one of his strengths.

Introducing business-mindedness and innovation

Dennis is a skilled business strategist, financial planner and cost-benefit analyst, assisting funds managers in resource mobilisation. In various positions he introduced business-orientation and innovation into government regulators and decentralised utilities. He promoted private sector participation concepts and PPP proposal preparation and helped develop business strategies and plans after analysing pro-poor service delivery. In Syria he helped prepare strategic business and investment plans and proposed institutional changes to improve efficiency. He facilitated public awareness campaigns on introducing private sector participation in service delivery.

Managed structured capacity building

Dennis has successfully facilitated structured capacity building for decentralising Government water regulators, funding agencies and service providers at central and local level. He provided organisational reviews followed by redesigning planning, human resource and intra-organisational procedures for a range of water providers in Syria. He also helped build capacity of a local water & sanitation cooperation in Yemen and designed needs-oriented training material.

Selected Partners

Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)
United Nations
European Union
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